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Uluwatu Padang-Pagang

Stephanie looking for Raphael, 26 from Uruguay.

Picked me up from Uluwatu Beach/Single Fin on your scooter. Hung out for the evening at Padang-Padang car park playing beer pong/dancing and went for a walk on Padang-Padang beach and an early morning scooter lesson.

#4581 • May 25 • Woman → Man • Thank you!

Beutiful girl spotted at Wescombe Park Station

To the beutiful girl I spotted at Wescombe Park Station putting make up on at 8:00am 25/05/16. I was carrying an iMac and didn’t want to apprach you holding that big box, but I wanted to say you looked stunning before you put on your make-up and I hope I’ll see you there again. If I do, I’ll definielty ask you out. You were on my mind all day.

#4580 • May 25 • Man → Woman • A date on me

Trans Girl in barcelona

Ich saw you walKing and we looked in eachothers eyes. You are Tall. Dank hear and dark eyes. Think my thoughts are with you.

#4579 • May 25 • Unknown • Dinner

Paddington - Cirle Line - Canary Wharf

You had a suitcase and a backpack and you were listening to music from your ancient iPhone. If by any miracle you ever do read this message, then I’d be happy to lend you my phone instead.

Also you almost got stuck between the train doors at Baker Street, but you didn’t. This was an obvious hint we are meant to be together.

I left at Canary Wharf station.

#4578 • May 24 • Woman → Man

Norwegian journalist girl, Longyearbyen Gjestehuset 102, 10th/11th may 2016

2nd try
I met you in the Gjestehuset 102 in Longyearbyen between the 9th and the 12th may 2016. We were talking in the tv room on the 2nd floor a long time. I think it was about Dr Who, the navy, the island Spitsbergen, the travelling guy from the breakfast room and freetime activities… And we met again at the Lompen market, where you were working on your film.
I am the blond girl from Germany. I tried to learn for an history test, when we started talking.
I really hope you read this message and contact me. It would be awesome! I regret every day not having asked you keeping contact.

#4577 • May 24
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