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Guy with the sweet smile @ Newark Airport 7/18

I was about to board my plane at the Delta gate on Monday afternoon around 5pm ish. You were sitting in a group of guys and you all were dressed professionally and were carrying big brown envelopes. You were wearing a pink/salmon colored dress shirt and you were light skinned with a sweet smile. We stared at eachother and smiled until I passed through the gate. I’m highkey sad that we didn’t try to exchange numbers or something. I don’t even know if you’ll ever see this, but I still have hope.
The way I’ll know if it’s you: tell me what kind of hair I had and what I was wearing

ps: to all the people that post on missed connection, next time let’s try and have the guts to ask that cute stranger for their number while we still have the chance.

#4741 • Jul 22 • Woman → Man • a friendship

LA Uber to Downtown

We shared an uber from Wilshre near LACMA and talked about the broad, living downtown and your job at the Beverly center. I mentioned I was working in architecture and advised nobody should join the field. You said you moved from Florida and worked in social media. There was also another woman in the car who was coming from the Beverly center.

You looked gorgeous, seemed really cool and I regret not asking for your phone number.

#4740 • Jul 22 • Man → Woman • Will take you out

Kings Road Friday 15th July

We saw each other at the crossing on the Kings Road which connects with Limerston Street. Time was 7.57pm.

You had blue eyes, brown hair. You were wearing jeans/light blue trousers? and simple black sandals.

I had a long black coat, I may have been carrying it, i’m 6ft2 with brown hair.

For a moment time stood still

#4739 • Jul 22 • Man → Woman • £200.00

Piccadilly Line Sept/Oct 2010

I don’t remember where you got on, or where you got off. I was coming back from Heathrow on the Piccadilly Line, heading to Kings Cross. I had a large orange suitcase with me. I’m slim, with short curly auburn hair and a few freckles. We sat at opposite ends of the carriage, and there was a group of tourists between us. I noticed you because you reminded me of Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead with your shaved head. We made eye contact a couple of times. I thought, next time we catch each others eye I’ll smile. You must have thought the same thing as we both smiled at the same time. We kept doing this, and laughing at the tourists as they were saying funny things. Eventually you walked past me to get off, and just before you left I looked up at you and you said ‘bye’ to me. I wish I’d given you my number, my email, anything. I’ve often thought about you since.

#4738 • Jul 22 • Woman → Man

Boy with blonde hair at the lake side Penrith centre parcs

Hey, I first seen you at the lake side in centre parcs and then seen you at bella Italia the next day… and I didn’t get a chance to get your name, my name is Kimberley and if you could get back to me then that would be great ߘðߘ

#4737 • Jul 22
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